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June 7th, 2017


Time to take another shot at retiring, maybe the third time will be the charm. So, unless someone wants to buy a Turn Key Beer & Wine Supply Store in the very, and I mean very near future, everything has to go.  Grains, equipment, extracts, hops … shelves and fixtures … everything and the sooner the better.  Get it while the gettin’ is good, because whatever doesn’t sell is going home to be turned into beer.

If someone is looking to purchase such a business, located on the West end of Main Street in Historic Buford, Georgia, I would love nothing more than to see that person take this project to the next level.  Stop in and we can talk – George

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For those that don’t know us, we do not sell beer and wine, but we do carry everything needed for you to make your own.  If you can make soup, you can brew beer.  Your Beer.  Interested? Stop in and let George talk your ear off on the subject … he would like nothing better.

Normal Store  Hours
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – 11a to 6p
Wednesday – 12n to 6p
Thursday – 11a to 6p
Friday – 12n to 6p
Saturday – 11a to 5p
Sunday – CLOSED due to lack of interest. For Sunday appointments call the Office Phone during Business Hours: 770-831-1195
For Sunday appointments (and it’s already Sunday) call: 678-714-1447


Somewhat harder to come across than the off-spring of a Unicorn and Sasquatch, good quality corny kegs are always in high demand.  Well guess who types with two thumbs and has them in stock?  THIS GUY!!!

We have both 5 gallon ball lock and 5 gallon pin lock kegs, as well as conversion kits.

Ball Lock Kegs – $ 75
Pin Lock Kegs – $ 65

Buford Beer and Wine Supplies